Life’s Lottery

July 2, 2015

Americans in Texas have won life’s lottery.  We have been given the gift of life, we live in the United States and we are Texans! But our good luck was paid for by the  people who preceded us.  We owe them an incalculable debt.  We owe Solon and Clisthenes who created the world’s first republic and written constitution two and half millennia, ago in ancient Athens.  We owe those brave souls who sailed into the unknown to settle a new land, the pioneers who hewed a civilization, the women who gave birth unaided in sod huts, the courageous men who pledged their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” to declare independence, and the men and women who fought to gain and maintain our freedom, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice or were maimed.

American exceptionalism is the birthright, bestowed upon us by our forbearers.  In the midst of our 4th of July celebration, perhaps we should pause and ponder the words and phrases in the Declaration of Independence, the document that was to make a seismic shift in the world order:  “…all Men are created equal”, “…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness—That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted…deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.”

This meant that we are born to be free.  The Rule of Law prevails. The government exists to serve the people– the people do not exist to serve the government.  “Pursuit of Happiness” is from Aristotle and means, “the search for a virtuous life”.  All decent people, regardless of whether they are religiously observant, want to do good.

The Athenian Republic lasted some two hundred years; we are in our third century.  Will we have a fourth?  How do we in some measure discharge our debt to those who made our way of life possible?  Individual liberty and individual responsibility are the concrete and steel that form the moral foundation of our Republic.  It is our duty and obligation to ensure that the Republic stands strong for future generations.  We must engage in civic activities which are the pillars of a robust civil society.  We must set the example by our words, actions and deeds. We must endeavor to do the right thing, to make today better and as the kids say, “tomorrow even more better”.  God Bless America and especially, Texas.

Patricia R. Lykos



Why You Should Vote!

October 12, 2014


I came across this flyer purportedly sent out by the Democratic Party of Washington County and would like to respond as a member of the Washington County TEA Party. Our meetings are held right after the Democratic Party holds their meetings, in the same room, and I invited a few of the Democratic people to come and enjoy a meal with us but was told that, “we” would not want them there. I disagreed and said that as long as you love your country and God, anyone was welcome. I do not, nor anyone I know, believe that “African American are second class citizens”
I have tried many times to politely disagree on issues and will continue to do so. With that said, I would like to correct many of the points on the flyer.

First- No party can take your right to vote away. The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution have ensued that right. Regarding the 13th Amendment to end slavery, 118 Republicans voted for the 13th and of the 82 Democrats in office, only 19 voted to end slavery.
Regarding the 14th Amendment declaring former slaves were full citizens, 94 % of Republicans voted for the bill while not one Democrat voted for the passage.
Regarding the 15th Amendment explicitly securing the voting rights for blacks, it was passed without one Democrat from either north or south voting for it.

Second- Fredrick Douglass, following the Civil War, received Presidential appointments by four Republican Presidents and removed by a Democrat President. He studied the Constitution and concluded that it was an anti-slavery document and said, “it will be found to contain principals and purposes entirely hostile to the existence of slavery” this quote is from an address he gave on the fourth of July, 1852.
The 41st and 42nd Congress of the United States had the first black Americans elected to the U.S. Congress and all were Republican. They were, Hiram Rhodes Revels, Benjamin Turner, Robert DeLarge, Kosiah Walls, Jefferson Long, Joseph Haney Rainey and Robert Brown Elliott. 4 were born into slavery, most had served in the military and/or were business men and Ministers.
Dr. Martin Luther King did fight for the Voting Rights Act and preached a society that looked at character not color and although LBJ was President when the Voting Rights Act was passed, 83% of Republicans voted for the passage and though the Democrats held a majority in Congress, Johnson could only get 198 to vote for passage.

Third- The voter ID laws require the same ID needed to get on an airplane, sign up for utilities, and buy certain items of consumption. Even admittance to the NAACP Convention required picture ID and there was not a word about keeping people out.

Fourth – The flyer would have you believe that Republicans attack President Obama because of his race when the policies are the issues attacked. When in fact, President Obama has been attacked by both sides on the very same issues as President George W. Bush!

Fifth- The flyer referenced a belief about the arrest rate but had no statistics, I would like to see the statistics, and personally would want to find the reason if it were true.

Sixth- When referencing Ferguson, Missouri, the authors of the flyer are using fear and intimidation rather than education for their fellow citizens. By 1875, a decade after the Civil War, Republicans had passed almost two dozens civil rights laws and black legislators played a crucial part in that. One man, Representative Robert Brown, a black legislator from S. Carolina said, “Democratic Party of the South…exhibits the declared purpose to defeat the ballot with the bullet and other coercive means…” this from the Congressional Globe, 42nd Congress, 1st Session.

Seventh- The flyer stated that African Americans are underrepresented in Washington County. I call that completely untrue. There is representation, a person must be engaged and go to their Representative. Our Washington County Representatives are for all of us not just a particular color. Take the initiative and let your elected representatives know what you expect of them. Whether it be in church or the government, do not be sheep.

Eighth- The line “take voting seriously” is true. In the State of Texas, if you commit a felony and after being found guilty, it is correct that you cannot vote. However, all convicted felons have their right to vote automatically restored upon completion of sentence, probation, and/or parole, and must register to vote.

Finally, I do agree that we should all take our civic duty more seriously and become educated in the political arena. Vote for the candidate that shares your beliefs, your morals and have high character. They work for “We the people” and for our country to work, we must all be involved. We will not always agree but there will be times when we will find common ground. George Dillingham and I may not share many common goals but we did agree with the Commissioner’s Court and their handling of the increase in a pay raise for someone not to long ago. We can find common ground and I believe it will be through our Love of God, Country and Family.

Sandra Kindt
Washington County TEA Party Chairman

Back and Forth in the Paper

September 1, 2014

I’ve got a question, when do you stop the back and forth via newspaper? I don’t think the other person is trying to have a productive conversation. I’d like to find common ground and work on the Big problems our nation is facing but when you cannot get beyond color and gender, I have to ask myself, what’s the point? How have others responded to this problem?
Here is the letter that I felt, begged a response, followed by Ms. Doherty’s response. Seems as though, we made no headway.

“I hope you are keeping your subscription to The Banner-Press current. There are so many interesting articles about our cheerful, sturdy community. Then, on the other hand, there is the letters to the editor, where a grumpy old man meme predominates.
Last week, Bill Sickels and Don Davidson came out to mansplain this Texas gal on the limits of her First Amendment rights. Now, in Wednesday’s paper appears Mr. Walker West to tell us the disaster of President Obama’s election was caused by not enough conservative voters. He is so right: there are just not enough white male voters.
I understand Mr. Walker West’s anxiety. Texas conservatives have been preoccupied with white male superiority and control since Reconstruction. Minority voters and single women turned out in high numbers in 2012. Panic ensued, and laws were passed to ensure the “integrity” of elections by making it harder for the usurpers to vote.
Senator Lindsey Graham said of his Republican Party, “We are not generating enough angry white guys.” I am sure Senator Graham would be consoled to know how many of them there are here on the opinion pages of the Banner.
Joanne Doherty

My response:

“Dear Ms. Doherty, I happen to be a Navajo and female and I agree with your assertion that you have the right to your first amendment rights. I also agree that others do as well. Exercising one’s rights does not mean we all have to agree and it also does not mean you are being attacked. Develop thicker skin madam. They have as much right as others to voice theirs and respond to you.
As for Sen. Graham, he may be in the Republican party but I do not believe he is a conservative. When asked about Common Core, he had no idea, therefore, his opinion does not weigh heavy with most true conservatives.
As for the conservative valued voters that Mr. Walker spoke of, I agree. If we all took a look at the genesis of the Republican Party, Mr Obama would not have been elected. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican as was Fredrick Douglass and the first platform of the Republican Party brought about a beating of State Senator Charles Sumner because he believed that slavery was an abomination. Read the following link for the more information,
While you call Mr. Walker’s letter to be full of anxiety, I see it as a call for people of any stripe to get involved. Our Founders knew we could only keep this Republic with proper involvement of the citizenry.
As a female American Indian, I’m proud to call my self a Conservative and would like you, Ms.Doherty, to please debate the merits and not vilify. I ask all to do the same. The last I checked, I’m certainly not an angry white guy. That does not further the debate nor does it do anything to find common ground.
Thank you,”

Her answer:

“In 1970, Nadezhda Mandelstam’s heroic memoir “Hope against Hope” was smuggled out of the Soviet Union and published in English. Mrs. Mandlestam’s moving story of life under Stalin became a huge hit.
The book is a monument to independent thinking in the face of totalitarian Communism. It especially resonated with conservatives in the United States, and was taken up by a lively and growing conservative movement. For years, the book appeared on recommended reading lists for young conservatives.
Forty years later, the conservative movement has changed. The Communist threat is gone. Young conservatives are advised to read Ann Coulter. Independent thinking is out, and dogma is in. Mandelstam warned everyone against getting your politics predigested.
Today, conservatives huddle in epistemic closure by taking in only their own media. This is the direct cause of the crazy letters which appear in the opinion section of the Banner (an otherwise excellent newspaper). The assertions are made in these letters are so divorced from reality they do not invite reasoned response.
No one is allowed to depart from strict popular conservative thinking. Even Rick Perry was mocked for his humane view of young undocumented residents.
According to Ms. Sandra Kindt, who in Thursday’s paper refers to the “true conservative,” not even Sen. Lindsey Graham can make the cut. I wonder how many readers of the Banner who consider themselves “conservatives” for many years are prepared to be judged by the likes of Ms. Sandra Kindt.
Joanne Doherty

Should I continue or let it go? I don’t believe that another letter will help but then again, I’m leaving my reputation open without rebuttal. Do we as Conservatives give up to easily? Most Conservatives and Southerners I know will walk away shaking our head not wanting to cause a confrontation, but when do we fight and for how long? Till the end? Who decides the end? Any ideas?

Keeping the Faith!

Small Town Politics

January 25, 2014

This past week has been confusing and frustrating. One meeting I had to defend my participation in the Republican Party then, after asking a question of a candidate, at the Republican Club meeting, lost 2 members of the TEA group. I’m frustrated and would like to know how many others deal with this same issue?
When our group started and got it’s 501c3 status, we were bound to be an educational and charitable organization. We held rallies, went to festivals, parades and participated in our town’s street activities. We walked a line of being engaged and educating those that would listen about the founding of our country. As an Executive Committee member, I tried to make sure and keep my personal particular preferences away from our TEA group’s activities. If asked, I would gladly say why “I” backed a particular candidate. We handed out information and tried to keep others up on political happenings around our area.
It seems that as we head into the 2014 elections, things are heating up and people want to either stay completely out the Republican and Democrat Party’s or attack them all. The more I wrestle with this, the more I believe, we need to be involved. If there were a Libertarian Party in our area, I’d attend. If the Green Party or others were in the media, getting to the thousands of uninformed, I’d keep my mind open. What else can we do in a small Texas town that votes almost entirely Republican. I have always been a registered Republican so felt the way to go to work, was to get involved.
The question that prompted the loss of the 2 members, I believe, was of a sitting judge and a campaign ad he ran in the local paper. He asked that instead of donating to his campaign, we donate to a project on-going in town. I’m all for giving to those in need and will do so if I’m able, however, I didn’t feel asking others to give to a particular cause, to be a conservative trait. I believe we give as conservatives, period. We give more and more often. If he had asked us to give to Planned Parenthood or NAMBLA, that would have caused an uproar. Instead it was a senior citizen center.
My question is what degree of compassion should the government partake in? Who will be the arbitrator? What if we want to give to the candidate, will they refuse?
Like I said, I don’t know the true reason for the members quitting, I do think times are going to get rough soon and we all should figure out why we are doing what we are doing. I can’t tell another what to do, that would be against the liberty I’m fighting for. We need to remember when others ask us to explain ourselves, answer honestly and remember what we are fighting for. Our founders fought with each other to form this union, we won’t be any different. As long as we are fighting for liberty, we will come out the other side a bit bruised but Victorious!

Keeping the Faith!

Local Meetings and the TEA Party

December 10, 2013

There have been a few of our group attending County and City meetings these past few months. We wanted to get involved and find out what the politicians were doing that so many in our community do not really have any knowledge of. Including myself. When I got involved in politics, I did so thinking that everyone was doing the job for the people. I found out that the federal level that was not always so. The federal level seems to be doing the job for what the job does for them. Not all mind you, but a substantial number of them. The state level was a bit better but still not ideal and the local was even better.
The City Council meeting differed from the County Commissioner’s meeting in several ways. First the City held their meeting in a large room with video feeds to make sure everyone was able to see the slides. There were approximately 50 people in attendance. The meeting was primarily about posts to be filled and boards to appoint. There was some housekeeping involving janitorial services and road base materials purchasing that the Mayor will have the authorization to execute. They also talked about the Tax Phase-In program and reauthorized this to continue. There was one person that stood out on the City Council. She stood out to me because she asked several questions to ensure she understood the matter and that the matter was reasonable. Another matter that was discussed was the speed limit on the new section of Hwy. 290. The Council wanted to lower the speed limit, below what TXDoT recommended. By the time the meeting was concluded, the speed limit will stay as posted. Before the vote, a comment was made by a member of Council that seemed to hint at an elitist attitude that I will keep an eye on. The Council should be working for the citizens, not their personal ideas of right.
The County Commissioner’s meetings that I have attended were a smaller, closer group with approximately 20 to 25 in attendance. The Commissioner’s seem to be more open to participation with members of the community that come and watch. The meeting today concerned financial issues. The purchasing of a new vehicle for the District Attorney’s office. During her presentation, she told the Commissioner’s that the vehicle was in her budget that was already approved but that also she had found a way to save more money, the people’s money. Kevin Deramus, EMS Director presented a joint waiver to partner with College Station Med Center to provide in home care for citizens of Washington County and now that the waiver was vetted and agreed to, the EMS would save the citizens money by taking care of some patients in their home rather than having to transport them to the hospital where costs can sky rocket. The County also owns land in Tom Green county and the Court received sealed bids to lease the land for hunting and grazing. The Court also discussed liability concerns regarding election workers and jurors for the county. When asked about others ways to protect against possible lawsuits from those performing the duties, the Court explained that they had been looking at this potential problem for some time and after reviewing all their options, the Court approved a resolution to pay into a risk pool to cover the costs for Worker’s Compensation if needed. The cost is 100.00 per year.
All in all, the County Commissioner’s appear to have our best interests at heart and are doing a very good job at watching the bottom line and also providing the services we expect. I am planning on attending a few more meeting at City Hall before making any judgments. I would like to see more than what I’ve seen. Simply moving people around and giving the Mayor the go-ahead to authorize “Necessary Documentation”, without a caveat to preclude expenses seems, unwise.

Keeping the Faith!

The Obamacare Sell

October 2, 2013

I just got back from a town hall meeting in the Blinn College Student Center. There were approximately 70 to 75 people in attendance. The newspaper said it would not be “a debate over the merits of the program”. I gathered a few questions and decided to attend.

The young man presenting the program told us he was with Enroll America, a 501c3 group that was not in any way partisan. He said that the group he worked for was trying to help people become aware of the Affordable Care Act and how to navigate the process. He stated that this grassroots movement, also called Get Covered America was just an advocacy group for those uninsured. The presenter said he wanted to present just the facts!

I did a little digging and found that Anne Filipic, the President of the group, worked in the White House as Dep. Dir. under Kathleen Sebelius as well as others before being made President of this group. The Managing director is a guy named Chris Wyant. Apparently Mr. Wyant worked on Obama’s campaign and an ardent supporter of Pres. Obama. The Texas State Director is one Mimi Garcia. Ms. Garcia was Director of Healthcare Organizing and Organizer/Caucus Lead at Texas State Employees Union/CWA Local 6186.

We then got in to the terms, “Market Place and Exchanges”. He said that people sometimes get those two mixed up and went on to explain how the Market Place works. He assured everyone that these were private insurance companies and the Government was not a part of it! You can imagine the grumbling starting now. Everyone was polite for the most part but the room was not full of a bunch of rubes. Navigators and Certified Application Counselors were the next topic, he told us that those people were there to help guide us through the system. A lady asked him how a person could get that help, if she was unable or didn’t know how to handle a computer. The very nice gentleman told her she could just go on line and ask for help…..after a few chuckles she was told she could always call the 800 number. I did ask about the security clearances done on the Navigators and asked whether or not they would be able to come to our homes or if they cold called. The presenter said that they did not do that and if someone came to our door and tried to help us sign up, we should turn them away.

He then went on to explain that to get a tax credit for any insurance program bought, you had to meet certain thresholds. This is where it went off into the weeds a bit. He keep saying that preventative care appointments would be free. I questioned his use of the term free….I stated that a premium was paid, correct? He said, well yes, so he went on and continued with his misuse of the term. Others started correcting him and he finally used the proper term.. out of pocket expenses.

As a TEA Party member, I felt like I needed to ask questions so that if asked, I would have the correct information. There were also members of the group that were not able to attend and I tried to field questions for them. The TEA Party is generally freedom loving, self-reliant and small government minded. I personally believe in helping your family and neighbors, and keeping big brother out of my business as much as possible. The answers that I was getting confused me. It seems as though the group is non-partisan and only wants to help un-insured people. Yet the answers so far were contradictory and when pressed, the presenter did not have the information and said he would have to check into them. For instance, the penalties that will be imposed was to be 95 dollars. Only after an audience member press him did he say that the penalty would go up each year until 2017. One lady asked about lack of coverage due to her illness and income. The presenter told her that she would not be able to enroll based on his understanding of the rules. After more prodding, he said she would be able to but would have to start filing taxes so the government can verify her status. I thought he said that the government was not involved? These were private carriers.

The issue of private carriers came up again and the presenter finally clarified and said that the insurers are private but had been chosen as able to participate in the Market Place? One of his slides actually showed an increase in payment with a tax credit….he apologized and said he would have to correct his slide. The tax breaks he spoke of in the beginning of his presentation are also not given to any except those that choose the Market Place plans.

A member of the audience, who appeared to be an insurance agent, brought up the fact that the presenter kept ignoring the fact that insurance agents could help people navigate the system and it did not have to be only “Navigators or Certified Application Counselors” Which brought me to a question raised by a member. She wanted to know why her agent had not been able to find out any information on the plans. I was told the agent must take a certified class through the government in order to access the information.

All in all, I left having more concerns than ever. I went to the web site that the presenter gave us and I look through it carefully. The news link shows that they can and have approached homes….the board members are all on one side of the aisle and have worked within the government. There was also the page about organizing and moving people. Then I saw this sentence near the end of my search and thought I should pass it along. “Educating stakeholders about the critical activities that must take place this year to keep enrollment efforts on track for the coverage expansion in 2014.”

Whatever each of us does with this information, is your business. We must be an informed society to be able to do our duty!

If anyone wants to discuss this, please email our group at and we can talk over coffee!

Keeping the Faith!

President Obama visits Washington County

September 18, 2013

This is a guest post by my husband, Garrett. After the business meeting at our VFD he felt strongly enough to write about what transpired. Not only was it shocking, these are the type of heavy-handed tactics we thought we were escaping when we moved to Texas from California.

At least it sounded like it at a recent business meeting at our firehouse when our Fire Chief gave a speech about a proposed ESD (Emergency Services District) tax for Washington County property owners. Support for this will be voted on in firehouses throughout the County in the next few months.


He started out with the classic line about “evil rich people not paying their fair share”. Pointing out that while they own property in the County, they live elsewhere and don’t contribute to the volunteer fire departments.


The next line was pure Obama…the only solution is to tax them to get their money. Unfortunately it would be illegal to tax just them so we have to tax everybody in order to get some of their money. It’s only 10¢ per $100 tax valuation downplaying the cost; what’s a few hundred more on your annual tax bill?!


A new board will be created to oversee these funds; a board chosen by the Fire Chiefs and not the voters. The claim is that it will help distribute money to poorer areas to get more equipment and trucks – classic wealth redistribution. This measure I’m sure will be greatly supported by fire truck manufacturers and even the Firefighters unions, they would love to tap into that large pool of cash.


The only line our Chief left out was how this would somehow help save children!


Don’t get me wrong, as a member and firefighter I’m an avid supporter of our VFDs. I wish everyone would participate or contribute, but that’s not reality. On the other hand, forced participation by all to try to get more money from the evil rich would only hurt those on fixed incomes and the modest among us.


Do we need a fleet of shiny new trucks in every station along with top of the line equipment? It would be nice, but I just don’t see the need being that great. A targeted approach to bolster individual VFDs would be a better way to go.


Would new trucks and equipment increase response time? No. So the question must be asked: who really benefits from this new “tax”?


I’m sure one of the selling points will be, “A better equipped station will lower our ISO rating, and lower your home insurance!” Which is true, for those who live within the five-mile radius of a given station – any farther than that, and your insurance company considers your home “unprotected”. So once again we’re back to “who benefits”?


Please get out there and support your local VFD. Go to the fund raisers, give what you can or volunteer your services. If we don’t the heavy hand of government will take that money from you anyway.



Support Your Local Sheriff

August 13, 2013

There is going to be a budget meeting at the court house Tuesday, Aug. 13 at 10 am. Feel free to add your name to the bottom of this and forward to your friends.

First, let me say that I am a native Washington resident. Over the years, I’ve watched the Washington Co. Sheriff’s Dept. struggle to gain support from the Commissioner’s Court. An example: Sheriff Hoffmann Reese had a difficult time getting the court to hire a deputy. Sheriff Tieman Dippel could not get the court to acquire radio communication for vehicles; Sheriff Johnnie Schulte had difficulty getting additional deputies and was not able to get patrol cars, so the deputies used their own vehicles. Sheriff Elwood Goldberg also had difficulty getting additional deputies; his deputies were on duty 24/7. Sheriff J. W. Jankowski had difficulty getting additional deputies and patrol cars, as well as having to work with a limited budget. (His budget was cut by hundreds of thousands of dollars over a 5 year period.)

The current sheriff was elected by a majority of 76 per cent of Washington Co. voters. It is my feeling that the citizens of Washington Co. wanted GOOD law enforcement.

To have good law enforcement, you need competent people, vehicles in good condition (under 100,000 miles). For example, deputies may be sent to El Paso to pick up a prisoner, with no type of communication in his vehicle for hundreds of miles. In the event of a problem with the prisoner, or vehicle problems, there is no communication. I’m concerned that we’re spending thousands of dollars sending folks to police academy who come back and work for the county for a few months, only to leave for more lucrative employment in other areas. This works out extremely well for police and sheriffs departments in neighboring areas.

Some Washington Co. jailers are paid $24,000 per year. With a family of four, this possibly qualifies them for food stamps and other entitlements. Other county employees may be in a similar situation.

Why doesn’t the county have a pay scale for county employees? It should include the type of service rendered by the employee. The scale needs to be categorized by the type of work performed.

Why does the county want to take over the communications system that will cost $1.2 million? I foresee a substantial tax increase on the horizon. Maybe, if this reduced the city’s expenses, we could see a tax cut!

If you have concerns regarding these matters, call your county commissioner.

Sincerely, Clarence Gerke, Finney Clay

Words from a Friend

August 12, 2013

We have a Federal Government Bureau….the Internal Revenue Service….that handles tax returns, yet people are scared to death of this bureau that employs only unelected people.
Why should that be? They are there to serve the people, the taxpayers, as are all federal employees.
The tax code is many pages long, way past the ability to understand it.
What the people need is a flat tax or a sales tax, understandable to all. Eliminate the IRS and institute a simple system.
This is achievable, if the people will get behind it. There needs to be a loud drumbeat from “We the People”.
Stand up and insist on a fair way that will eliminate the waste.
Ron Easely

Looking For The Truth and Meeting New People

August 5, 2013

My husband and I just got back from an event where we met some of the candidates running for office in Texas. I went in knowing that this is all part of the process and tried to stay positive.

We first met a nice young man, just out of college, working for Tom Pauken. Tom Pauken is running for Governor. Ben, the young man, was doing his job well and seemed genuinely interested in talking to us. We started talking about books and he said that Tom Pauken’s book was a great read. I did manage to get a copy and will read it in the next few days. I asked if he had read, “The 5000 Year Leap” or “The 7 Tipping Points That Saved The World”. He hadn’t, but I recommended that he read them to help him further his education. I came away from the conversation thinking that he was such a nice young guy and that the TEA Party needs more young people. Then I thought, WAIT…we have them…and they have probably already read those books, along with many others that teach our founding principals. So did I meet a future “politician” or a man looking for answers?

The next fellow we met was a little easier to identify. His name is Barry Smitherman. He is definitely smooth and seems at ease when talking to you. When I asked about the Volt, Smart Meters and the ACA though, I had a clearer picture. I don’t claim to know his heart and maybe, he is the right man for the job to succeed Atty Gen. Abbott, I’ll let you make the call. When he told me his reason for buying the Volt, I made my decision. It may sound simplistic, but I bet most “ordinary” folks might feel the same. He told me that he bought the Volt, with his own money, so that he could see for himself if the hype was all it was cracked up to be….. I told him that we would never have done that based on the statistics and my husbands mechanical acumen. I then softened it with, “Using you own money and not using taxpayers is something though”. I also told him that if he was that willing to be open minded then I would be open minded about him. I then asked about his request to the Chair of the PUC to have an opt in or opt out available when it came to Smart Meters. I asked if it had a chance of becoming reality. He said he thought it did. He explained that at the time the Smart Meters were pushed through, there wasn’t any opposition to them. I made a comment that it sounded alot like the ACA….gotta pass it to know what’s in it!
I then let him know I was a member of the Washington County TEA Party and now that there are more people active, it might make his job harder. He handled the conversation well and I think you may see what my call is.

On the way home from the meet and greet, my husband made a great observation….he said, ” back in the 70’s when the Pinto’s were catching fire, should I have gotten one to see if they actually did?” Great point 🙂

The Brazos Valley Conservatives group is doing a great job in staying informed and staying engaged! Thank you for hosting the Meet and Greet!

Keeping the Faith!